Компания Graphisoft выпустила обновление ArchiCAD 10 до версии 1176.
Исправлено более 50 известных багов. Подробнее о нововведениях можно прочитать ниже.
Скачать обновление можно 54.2 mb
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Обновление ArchiCAD 10 до build 1176

Компания Graphisoft выпустила обновление ArchiCAD 10 до версии 1176.
Исправлено более 50 известных багов. Подробнее о нововведениях можно прочитать ниже.
Скачать обновление можно [здесь] 54.2 mb
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Список справлений
* ID# 55250 — 2D: All black pens turns white in rare circumstances
* ID# 53932 — 3D: An invisible plane cuts the 3D model in perspective OpenGL mode
* ID# 54400 — 3D: Changing ID of a roof that contains a skylight might corrupt the roof
* ID# 55404 — 3D: Some fills’ orientation is changed in elevation and 3D view compared to ArchiCAD 9
* ID# 56082 — Calculation: Column with custom profile: surface area and volume is 0 in schedules
* ID# 54695 — Calculation: Door markers pick up zone of wall base even in multistory walls
* ID# 56007 — Calculation: List (placed on layout) may not update correctly — the saved view must be updated first
* ID# 55553 — Calculation: ‘No effect on zones’ zone area calculation option in wall settings does not work
* ID# 53247 — Calculation: window_door_zone_relev request returns wrong value for doors dragged or copied into a different story
* ID# 55770 — Crash: Archicad crashes right at startup on machines where Embassy trust Suite is installed
* ID# 56390 — Crash: Crash may occur if window is wider than the containing wall
* ID# 53728 — Crash: Crash while rendering with LightWorks engine, if Wrapped Height Map shader is used (Mac PPC only)
* ID# 54715 — Crash: Occasional crashes when selecting elements in 2D
* ID# 55560 — Dimensioning: Automatic dimensions won`t be associative if they are linked to doors/windows placed in a wall whose home story is not the current story
* ID# 54518 — Dimensioning: Can’t add additional non-associative points to an existing dimesnion line
* ID# 56055 — Dimensioning: Height value of doors and windows is missing in dimension chains (Intel Mac only)
* ID# 58666 — DWG: zone stamp’s hotspot is in wrong place in exported DWG
* ID# 56034 — DWG: ArchiCAD conflicts with other applications that use the DWGDirect engine
* ID# 56701 — DWG: autotext in title types from an imported PlotMaker 9 layoutbook don’t work when saved to dwg
* ID# 57973 — DWG: If project is far from origo, then export of view to DWG creates bad INSBASE data.
* ID# 53691 — DWG: Saving file in DWG format fails (Cannot write output file) if there are missing library parts (e.g. markers)
* ID# 57794 — DWG: views get lost when published to dxf/dwg formats
* ID# 57220 — Goodie: Construction Simulation goodie: can not create simulation movie
* ID# 57064 — I/O: AC 10 saves bad EPX (Piranesi) file (Intel Mac only)
* ID# 57861 — I/O: V10 recent files menu tries to use SMB protocol to mount server, even if file was saved with AFP
* ID# 56596 — Layouting: Cannot open lbk files (Intel Mac only)
* ID# 57449 — Layouting: drawing generated from 3d (internal engine) prints incorrectly — transparent fills are wrong (e.g. glass is grey instead of being transparent
* ID# 56386 — Layouting: Drawing may de displayed wrong on layout, if the source view is a floorplan that contains a placed PDF
* ID# 57919 — Layouting: drawing update speed depends on the number of stories
* ID# 58831 — Layouting: External drawings on layouts: Relative paths are summed when searching, causing broken drawing links or crashes in rare cases
* ID# 56350 — Layouting: In rare casses drawing update fails with «Error while generating drawing» message
* ID# 54264 — Layouting: On-screen view options: «Show Master Items on Layout» and «show Drawing Frames» settings are affecting output
* ID# 58829 — Layouting: Phantom drawings appear in Navigator after file merge
* ID# 54694 — Layouting: The Floor Plan Cut Plane Settings saved with views might not be effective in the drawing (Some windows might be displayed wrong)
* ID# 58499 — PDF: Resolution of images placed in Archicad is always 72 dpi when printed or exported to PDF format (Mac only)
* ID# 56992 — PDF: size increase due to links: target embedded instead of linking (PC only)
* ID# 58459 — PDF: size of PDF saved from layout is large if the layout contains clipped drawings (Mac only)
* ID# 54322 — Plotting: Transparent percent fills plot as solid in color and grey mode
* ID# 52758 — Printing: Fill colors might be wrong on printout when ‘print ghost story’ is on
* ID# 53757 — Printing: Some settings cannot be accessed in print dialog when Tracker is set to always show (Mac only)
* ID# 52809 — Profile manager: Modifying a profile resets the default size of all placed elements that use that profile
* ID# 53685 — Rendering: Sketch rendering — some wall contour lines are missing in the rendered image
* ID# 57496 — TeamWork: Element duplication in TeamWork file while updating hotlinked modules in a special project setup
* ID# 54653 — TeamWork: Send and Receive is impossible if project saved on UFS formatted remote Mac volume
* ID# 56883 — Text: Opening AC files created on PPC MAC text sizes go wrong on IntelMac (Intel Mac only)
* ID# 56056 — Text: special characters are replaced by squares after copy-paste (Intel Mac only)



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